Mrs. D

What a wonderful year it has been!  Congratulations to our students for all they have achieved during the 2013/14 school year.


This year we have made some wonderful additions to our school, including our new playground equipment that will be enjoyed by our students for years to come. These continuous improvements combined with the good grades I see you all trying to achieve fill me with pride. The inches you grow, friendships that form, and other milestones you achieve through sports and extracurricular activities make me smile. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy coming to school every day to see each and every one of you!


I couldn’t be more proud of our entire school community—our students, teachers, and staff at General Herkimer.  Collectively, we all make our school a happy and supportive place to learn and thrive.  I also appreciate the ongoing support from parents, faculty members, District Administration, and the Board of Education.


I wish the graduates of our 2014 class of sixth graders the best of luck as they head into middle school!  


Alicia D’Ambrosio

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