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We Miss You Columbus Students!


    Welcome to Columbus Elementary School! 

    When you walk into our school,

    you will feel a sense of belonging

    to a true school community. 

    Our staff and students refer to

    ourselves as the Columbus Family.  

    We practice Mindfulness daily and work

    diligently to accomplish all of our goals.  

    Feel free to navigate our page to

    learn more about our amazing school! 

    “Children are our future.  We are dedicated to their success.” 

    - Ms. Gerling



    Columbus School Vision:

    Children are our future. 

    We are dedicated to their success.


    Columbus  School Mission:

    We, the Christopher Columbus Elementary Students,

    will graduate from the Utica City School District 

    college and career ready. 

    Working Together Today for our Future Tomorrow!




Contact Information

  • Ms. Elizabeth Gerling, Principal
    DASA Coordinator

    Office: 315.792.2011  Fax: 315.792.2014
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