• Social Studies 9H


    Course Introduction:

     Welcome to the ninth grade Honors Social Studies course “Global History and Geography”. This is an honor course for students hoping to enter Advanced Placement (AP) European History in 10th grade. It is a two year course that culminates in the second year with an AP exam in May and a Regent exam in June. The Regent exam is required to graduate. This course stretches from Pre-historic times to approximately 1800 A.D.


     Consists of 15 units:

     1. Early People - Paleolithic/Neolithic Ages

    2. River Valley Civilizations

    3. Classical Civilization - Greece/Rome/ Byzantine

    4. Classical Civilizations - China/India

    5. World Religions and Beliefs

    6. Medieval Europe

    7. Crusades

    8. Renaissance

    9. Reformation

    10. Exploration and Expansion

    11. Civilizations - Africa/Latin America

    12. Asian Empires

    13. Absolutism

    14. Scientific Revolution

    15. Enlightenment/French Revolution

     Notebooks/Resource binder:

     A well kept notebook and organized class materials will help you to be successful. You need to keep a mandatory notebook and binder. In the binder (three ring or pocket) you need to collect all handouts, graded work, readings and source documents.



     Grades are based on the following breakdown:

    • 15% - homework
    • 35% - classwork/notebook
    • 50% - test/quiz


     Extra Credit:

     I have a variety of extra credit projects. Please see me if you are interested in extra credit. A maximum of five extra credit points can be added to your quarter grade. If you are seeking a high grade I strongly suggest that you do extra credit.


    Board Policy S-28 – (test retake if below 70%)

    In compliance with Utica School Board Policy S-28 you may retake any test if you receive below a 70%. Prior to retaking the test you are required to stay after school for a mandatory review session. The student must complete the review session within two weeks of the test being handed back.



     If you are absent from class it is your responsibility to make up the missing work. I am available before first period and after school every day in room M-348 (yearbook room).