English 9 Common Core & English 9 Common Core Honors

    Mrs. Baffa

    Room D336


    Course Description

                English 9 Common Core & English9 Common Core Honors  is a standard based English course that revolves around the Common Core New York State Learning Standards and the New York State Performance Indicators. Students are introduced to various literature genres: the novel, short stories, poetry, and drama (plays). The literature provides continuous practice in: the development of reading comprehension skills, the strengthening of analytical and response skills, as well as serves as the source for the development of competency in the completion of fundamental writing tasks. Students will analyze literature through the Six Universal Themes: Love, Honor, Pride, Consequences, Compassion, and Sacrifice. Students will write: Creative Writing Pieces, Argumentative Writing Pieces, Narrative Writing Pieces, Informative/Explanatory Writing Pieces, Research Papers, Common Core Response Paragraphs, Literary Analysis Paragraphs, and Response Papers, in addition to class assignments and note-taking. The writing assignments will provide review instruction in spelling, grammar, and punctuation as well as develop vocabulary and context clue skills, and provide practice in usage. Classroom discussions, group work, oral presentations, and writing samples will provide the basis for the development and refinement of both speaking and listening skills.


    Course Objectives

                Students will meet all core and specific performance indicators of Grade 9 as specified by the English Language Arts Curriculum for Thomas R. Proctor High School.

    Required Text Book

                Literature, Grade Nine Prentice Hall 2012


    1. 1 Binder

    2. 3 Section Dividers

    3. 1 Folder (For Writing, which will remain in class at all times

    4. 2 Pens (Blue or Black Ink Only)

    Course Requirements

    1. Keep a 3 Section Binder

    2. Complete all tests, including SLO Exams, 10 Week, Mid-Term,30 Week, and Final

    3. Complete and hand in all in-class and out-of-class assignments on time

    4. Complete all reading assignments on time

    5. Participate in class discussions

    6. Complete all oral presentation on time

    7. Attend all classes/Make up missed classes

    Required of You

    1. Check the board upon arriving in class for the Daily Agenda (Essential Questions , Do Now, To Do, Out the Door, Homework, Reminders)

    2. Students must be in their seat with their binder, the assignments that are do for the class, and be actively working on their Do Now by the bell.

    3. Every day students must bring: English binder, blue or black pens (2 or more) and the required reading/book. Come to class prepared!

    4. Come toe very class. Students will be written up for absences that are deemed as excessive according to the attendance policy. ***Students will be written up for cutting class. ***

    5. Come to class on time. Students are late if they are not in their seat by the bell. Any student who comes late to class will receive detention.

    6. Read all of the required texts on time and be ready to discuss them; students will be tested on the required readings.

    7. Complete and hand in all required assignments on time. NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

    8. Follow all class rules.

    9. Leave all outside issues, conversations and events outside of the classroom. Come to class ready to work.

    10. Keep the classroom neat and clean. Put all resources back where they belong, throw paper in the garbage, and pick up anything on the floor. At the end of class put all desks back where they belong.

    11. Always try your best and demonstrate ethics and integrity.

    12. Students must obtain all notes and work when they are absent. They should make sure they get and make up any work they missed in the allotted time after school.

    13. Bring an absence note to the next class attended after an absence. Only students with excused absences will be permitted 1 week to make up the work they missed. No work may be made up for an unexcused absence or cut. Students will receive a permanent 0% on all missed work.

    14. Use the restroom facilities before or after class. Students are only permitted to use the restroom during class for an emergency.

    15. Follow all rules and regulations as explained in the Thomas R. Proctor Student Code of Conduct. 

    Class Rules

    1. Be Respectful           

    2.  Be Prompt

    3. Be Prepared

    4.  Be Productive

          5.  Be Safe

    Binder Sections

    1. Do Now

    2. Vocabulary

    3. Class Notes

    Grading and Assessment 

    Students’ grades will be calculated based on the standardgrading weighting system as specified by the Thomas R. Proctor English Department.

               Attendance/Participation                                                         10%

              Homework                                                                               15%

               Quarterly Benchmark                                                              20%

                Quizzes                                                                                    20%

                Major Works (Essays, Projects, Tests, Etc.)                            35%

    ***PLEASE NOTE: If you are having any problems or concerns about yourwork, you should come to me and set up an appointment for after school from2:30 pm until 3:00 pm.