• At the high school level, AIS, or Academic Intervention Services, is a program designed to assist students with passing the New York State exams required to graduate. In English courses, this test is the Regents Examination in English Language Arts (Common Core). It is a challenging test that requires quick, analytical reading and writing skills. Students are required to answer 24 multiple choice questions, read 8 passages, and write an essay and a short response in 3 hours. 
    A variety of measures are used to indicate whether or not a student is eligible for AIS, including past performance on state tests, recent performance in English class, and recommendations from a variety of faculty and staff. In AIS classes, certified teachers provide instruction to students of varying ability levels to help them master the skills required to succeed on the Regents Exam. In most cases, students are exited from the program after passing the Regents Exam.
    You can find more information about AIS in the Part 100 Regulations of the Commissioner of Education. The link is listed below.