Physics is the study of matter and energy…

    When June rolls around, you will have a much clearer understanding of how the world around you works.  You will be challenged to THINK!  Think like you’ve never thunk before.  Hard work and fun will be required and expected.

    Outline of the Course:                                     11 Units in 120 Blocks

    Unit 1             Measurement in Science                           13 Blocks

    Unit 2             Kinematics                                                    12 Blocks

    Unit 3             Dynamics                                                      8 Blocks

    Unit 4             Vectors                                                           9 Blocks

    Unit 5             Two-Dimensional Motion                           14 Blocks

    Unit 6             Momentum                                                    6 Blocks

    Unit 7             Work, Power, and Energy                          7 Blocks

    Unit 8             Waves                                                            9 Blocks

    Unit 9             Light                                                               9 Blocks

    Unit 10           Electricity and Magnetism                          20 Blocks

    Unit 11           Modern Physics                                           7 Blocks

    Review for Final and Regents Exam                               6 Blocks


    Materials Required

    ü  3-Ring loose-leaf binder with 50 sheets of paper

    ü  Scientific Calculator



    Tests                                                                           40% of Marking Period Grade

    Quizzes                                                                     20% of Marking Period Grade

    Homework                                                                 Equal to one test grade

    Lab Reports                                                              10% of Marking Period Grade

    Miscellaneous such as: Projects,

    Journal Questions, Participation, & Notebook   10% of Marking Period Grade

    10, 20, 30 Week Exams                                          20% of Marking Period Grade

    Marking Periods 1-4                                                            80% of Final Course Grade

    Final Exam                                                                20% of Final Course Grade





    You are REQUIRED to keep a notebook.  You are REQUIRED to have it with you every day in Physics class.  The following is what I expect in your notebook:

    §  Everything that we write on the board

    §  Power point notes

    §  Summaries of discussions in class

    §  Questions or problems I pose to you in class

    §  Homework packets

    §  Test, quizzes and other assessments




    Homework usually consists of problem solving.  I will check 10 homework assignments per quarter (marking period).  The 10 checked assignments will be transformed into a 100 point test grade.  You will not know which ones that I will check so you need to do ALL your homework.  You are required to show all your work for problems.  This work includes:

    ·         List of given and unknown variables

    ·         Formulae used in the problem

    ·         Substitutions into the formula

    ·         Calculations

    ·         Final answer boxed in


    Lab Requirement


    New York State requires that laboratory-science students receive a minimum of 1200 minutes of completed lab time.  The lab must include a written evaluation for proof of this time, which is accomplished by satisfactory lab reports.  Failure to satisfactorily complete 1200 minutes of lab time can disqualify you from taking the Regents Exam in June.

    The format and expectations for the lab report are outlined in a later document.