Thank you!

    School Supplies:

    Book Bag  (prefer no wheels)

    Crayons (2 boxes of 24 / Crayola brand is nice.)

    1 Two Pocket Folder

    1 Pair of Scissors (Fiskars brand is nice.)

    Colored Pencils (Box of 24)

    10 Glue Sticks

    Markers ( 1 box)

    2 large erasers

    20 Ticonderoga Yellow Pencils-regular size.   (Available already sharpened.  Resharpens easily!)


    Paper Products:

    Napkins ( 1 package)

    Paper Cups (1 box/5 ounce size)

    Tissues (1 box)


    Please place all the school supplies in one bag and the paper products in a separate bag.  Please label both bags with your child's name.


    THANK YOU!!!