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    FourthGrade Supply List

    AlbanyElementary School

    The students are required to have the following supplies in acrayon box in their desks at all times:

    ·        1 dry erase marker

    ·        1 highlighter

    ·        1 glue stick

    ·        1 box of crayons

    ·        1 pair of scissors


    Please beaware that these supplies will need to be replenished throughout the schoolyear.  Please ask your child periodicallywhich items are missing from their crayon box to that s/he will be prepared atall times.


    The following is a list of additional supplies needed for theyear:

    ·        2-3 dozen #2 pencils

    ·        Erasers

    ·        1-subject notebooks

    ·        3x5 Index Cards

    ·        2-Pocket Folders

    ·        One pkg. loose leaf paper

    ·        Backpack

    ·        Tissues

    ·        Water bottle (optional)

    ·        Clear sheet protectors (optional)