Sixth Grade Supply List

    Albany School


            Agenda book or notebook to use as your agenda

                                  Loose leaf paper (2 pkgs.)                            

    6 – “1 subject” notebooks (red, yellow, green, blue, purple,

    1 - your choice)

    6 corresponding folders to match notebooks

    Pens (blue or black ink only)

    Pencils – 2-3 dozen

    Clipboard for 8” x 11” paper


    Hand held enclosed pencil sharpener

    Pencil Pouch - (Boxes will not fit in desks)

    Glue Sticks (no liquid glue)

    Safety Scissors

    Book bag (without wheels)

    No liquid white-out please – whiteout tape is fine. J

    Optional:  2 boxes of tissues, water bottle, daily healthy snacks,

    hand sanitizer or soap