Public Relations, Instructional Media and Special Projects


A primary goal of the media department is to acquire diversified print and non-print materials that support instruction for the varied ethnic groups of students attending Utica schools. The school librarian collaborates with these students and staff to allocate and use resources that will meet their needs. The library staff’s mission is to promote and reinforce students' interest and abilities in reading, listening, and viewing. The media department staff helps students use information competently in developing critical thinking skills, decision making and problem solving. The Utica City School District continues its partnership with Time Warner Entertainment Advance/Newhouse Partnership to produce and promote quality educational television programming on Channel 3. Programs include the Superintendent's Chat Room/Board Notes. Channel 3 highlights teachers, students, and school programs, and all student events throughout the school district. This year's programming highlighted the Utica Zoo Spooktacular; Community Reads Day; Magnet School, pre-School, and early childhood conferences and workshops; drama productions for each school; K-5 for It's a Zoo program; and many other special events. The Annenberg Foundation and Mellon Art Gallery renewed their licensing agreements with the district. Channel 3 will continue broadcasting all educational programs sponsored by the foundation over the dedicated channel throughout the year.