• Supplies:               3-ring binder with paper or notebook with folder (for notes and handouts)

                                        Pencils/Pens, Scientific Calculator/Graphing Calculator

    Classroom rules:    Be Prompt, Be Prepared, Be Productive, Be Polite                   

    Procedures:           Homework will be collected or checked & graded daily on the basis for effort.

    No late homework is accepted.

    Labs will be assigned and graded

    Quizzes and Tests will be given on the concepts throughout each marking period.

    A department benchmark will end each marking period.

    Extra credit will be offered once a marking period.

    Absences:             If you are absent from school, it is your responsibility to hand in the homework due that day on the day you return, and also to get the notes and assignments missed to be handed in the next class.  Students will have one week to make up a test, quiz, or lab.

                         If you miss a class due to a lesson, career chat, field trip, or sporting event, let me know in advance, you are to hand in the homework that day before you leave, and you are to get the assignment missed and hand it in next class.

                                        Assignments maybe checked online (schoolwires) https://www.uticaschools.org/Page/3591, Make sure you click on the calendar for your class day and period.  The date on the calendar is the date the assignment was assigned.

    Grading:                Basically your quarter grade will consist of 4 things; homework, tests, labs, and quizzes.

    Extra Help: I will be available Monday thru Thursday in D246.  I encourage everyone to come.