• Welcome to Mrs. Service's 6th Grade Class Page

    I am looking forward to this new school year. There are heaps of new things to be learned and lifelong friends to be made. My goal for this year is to help your child to be an independent and responsible learner, as well as, to show him or her how to make responsible choices. To accomplish this goal, there will be regular homework and we will be making the most of our class time.

    My expectations for the students this year will be high. They will need to work hard and do their best,

    with a positive outlook toward their success as a student, and as a person.


    Our Class Rules along with Consequences are as follows:



    1. We will respect ourselves, the teacher, and all others inside and outside of the classroom.

    2. We will keep our hands, feet, and objects to ourselves.

    3. We will listen to the teacher and follow all directions the first time.

    4. We will encourage, help, and not interfere with others’ and our own learning.

    5. We will do our best work. 100% EFFORT, 100% OF THE TIME!!



    Verbal warning, with a clarification of the expected behavior.

    Note home to parent that a class rule was broken.

    Students that choose to get a discipline write-up due to breaking school rules ANYWHERE on school grounds will have a phone call home.