• Hello and welcome to Mrs. Alger's first grade class. We will be learning and discussing many different things this year. Here is a few things you need to know about this classroom. Due to allergies that we have in the classroom, we are a Peanut-Free classroom. If you send in anything for the class, please make sure there are no peanuts. Homework will be given everyday except for Fridays. We will also have spelling tests on Fridays as well as weekly tests that are given on Weeks 2 and 4 with a Unit test on week 6.

    Once we get rolling into our reading curriculum, they are broken down into 6 weeks. Students will be studing different sounds, words, grammar and so much more! This is where the weekly tests and unit tests come into play. We will review to make sure every student understands what is being taught and what we need to improve on. 

    Math homework will also be given every night except for on Fridays or when we have a difficult time understanding the material where we will work on it in class to get more practice. We will review the previous days skill and learn a new skill every day.

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