Mission/Vision Statement

  • Technology Mission/Vision Statement/Technology Goals:

    We envision an environment in which the adoption and use of 21st Century technologies will serve as tools to fulfill the instructional administrative communications and operations functions necessary to achieve the mission of the Utica City School District. Technology will be an essential tool to: create a diverse enriched learning experience for all students, enable students to flourish in an increasingly complex society, nurture and enhance the natural talents of our children, and enable all students to become lifelong learners.

    Technology goals for the Utica City School District are defined in four major categories: Teaching and Learning, Communications, Administration, and Operations. Access to technology is provided to all staff and students and is governed by the Computer and Internet Use Policy and Internet Safety Policy. These policies allow access to an enriched technological environment with provisions for appropriate use and student safety in mind.


  • Director of Support Services
    (315) 792-2231
    (315) 792-2260 [fax]
    Secretary to Director of Support Services
    (315) 368-6047
    Telecommunications Specialist
    (315) 792-2273