• New Federal Legislation - The No Child Left Behind
    Act of 2001 has greatly impacted the District and the Office of Grants, Contracts and Compliance. New mandates and regulations have
    affected the following:
    • The testing of at least 95% of all students—Regular
      Education, Special Education and English Language
      Learners (no exemptions).
    • New requirements identifying areas of certification and licensing status for all District teachers.
    • New requirements for paraprofessionals.
    • Federal and State classification of Schools In Need of Improvement.
    • Parental rights defining the homeless student and
      displaced families.
    It has become an added demand for the Office of Grants, Contracts and Compliance to assure that all new State and Federal requirements/mandates are implemented.

    The department initiates funding for and manages
    approximately thirty (30) successful programs that supplement the general curriculum in the District. These programs total approximately $19.7 million in supplemental funding. The programs include the following:
    • Title I—Academic Intervention Programs for the at-risk student population
    • Title II A—School Improvement and Staff Development
    • Title III LEP
    Other Grant Programs: Special Legislative Grants; Universal Pre-Kindergarten; Computer Assisted Instruction; Teacher Center; English As a Second Language; Service Learning; Technology Integration Grants; Vocational Education; Teacher-Mentor; Teachers of Tomorrow; Elementary Counseling Grant; Health Careers Exploration Program; Peaceful Schools; Refugee School Impact Grant Program; MSP Science Program; MSP STEM Program; Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Program; Race to the Top; School Improvement Grants; EPE(Employment Preparation Education); TLQP and Teaching American History Grant.