District News: A Message from Dr. Kathleen Davis

To Our Utica City School District Families and Community,

As the crisis continues to unfold in the Middle East, as well as Ukraine, I know our Utica City School District community is experiencing a wide range of emotions, including profound sadness at the devastating loss of life.

While we may hold different or congruent opinions about the escalating conflict and history of war in the region, our staff is committed to safe and supportive learning environments and fostering a sense of belonging for all students in our schools. I’ve spoken to our administrative team about the importance of keeping a watchful eye on staff members and students to ensure that our schools remain safe, secure, inclusive, and nurturing spaces.

I encourage parents to reach out to me, our administrators, teachers, or school counselors should their child need any extra help or attention during this difficult time.

There are a number of social and emotional resources available to help parents and educators communicate during a crisis like this, including:

Our hearts are with those who have been irrevocably altered by these conflicts, and we’re sending our hope for peace. 

Kind regards, 

Dr. Kathleen Davis
Acting Superintendent

For a PDF version of Dr. Davis' message please click on this link.