December Newsletter

Message from Mrs. DeDominick:

       We have completed our first Marking Period and having students attend in-person this year is wonderful.  We are busy working on closing the gaps that resulted due to remote learning.  Students are learning new skills and concepts every day!

One area we really need to improve upon is attendance.  There is a strong link between regular school attendance and student achievement.  As of November, our school attendance rate was at 88%.  Our school goal is 95%.  We need to do better.  Missing more than two days each month is considered chronic absenteeism.  Please work with your child on how important it is to be in school to learn, and how good attendance is a life-long skill that they will need when they have a job as a teenager and adult.  We ask you to send in an excuse any time that your child is absent.  It is also important for your child to be at school on time.  Your child may be missing special services, such as speech or physical therapy when they are late to school, not to mention regular instruction.

Thank you for your continued support.

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