Tech Club 2018-2019

Posted by Lisa Harris on 11/7/2018

Another new school year and Tech Club has officially begun.  Welcome to our new members this year:

Shee Kae Lar

Jaqueline Delia

Joziah Butler

Herman Pike

Maxim Kuzmich

Daria Kachanovich

Israel Matos Jr.

Aiden Charbel

This year the students will be learning:

computer language "Scratch".  Which is a Google based program.  We will also be videotaping Student of the Month, updating the Student of the Month program and certificates, greet guests and hand out Student of the Month programs, taking pictures of any special student days we have at Jefferson, work on the yearbook, make their own webpage's on our Jefferson site, contribute each week to the Tech Club Blog and visit Channel 3 at Proctor High School.

Should be a fun year!!