District News - Affordable Connectivity Program: Eligibility for Monthly Internet Service Discount

Affordable Connectivity Program - Eligibility for monthly internet service discount 


Children eligible to receive discounted home internet service through the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) will be receiving a letter in the mail.  The ACP is a federal program to help eligible households pay for internet service. The ACP provides a monthly discount of not more than $30 per month on broadband service and associated equipment (for example, a modem) for eligible households.  If the participating household chooses an eligible plan that costs $30/month or less, the household will receive that service for free. 


To participate in this program, a copy of the eligibility letter must accompany the application, as the letter will serve as proof of eligibility. 


Additional details about the ACP, including information about eligibility and participating providers, can be found at www.acpbenefit.org, by phone 877-384-2575, or by email acpsupport@usac.org.