Proctor Seniors Walk Through Elementary Schools to Celebrate Graduation

On June 10th, Proctor seniors loaded on 10 buses and headed back to their elementary schools one last time! Administrators and teachers greeted the seniors as they arrived and the halls at each building were filled with congratulatory signs and cheers as the seniors passed by. Seniors visited with former teachers and some of their favorite classrooms. As the seniors passed familiar corridors, they reminisced with each other, “Do you remember when this gym felt so big? – and do you remember when we had to run the mile in here?" At Hughes a senior asked, “Can we visit the library one last time?”. The senior walk served as a reminder of how far students have come, a reflection of growth and achievements during each student's time spent at UCSD, as well as motivation for younger students to look forward to.

Proctor seniors, we celebrate your past, honor the present, and look forward to all the future holds for each of you!

Take a peek at some of the memories captured during the seniors time at each building.