Office of Accountability

Federal and State Legislation has greatly impacted the District and the Office of Accountability. The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) as well as other mandates/regulations have influenced the following:

  • The testing of at least 95% of all students—Regular Education, Special Education and English Language Learners (no exemptions).
  • Requirements identifying areas of certification and licensing status for all District teachers.
  • Requirements for all District paraprofessionals.
  • Federal and State classification of Schools In Need of Improvement.
  • Parental rights defining the homeless student and displaced families.         

It is the responsibility of the Office of Accountability to assure that all State and Federal requirements/mandates are implemented. The Department oversees the District Comprehensive Improvement Plan and School Comprehensive Educational Plans.

The Department initiates funding for and manages approximately twenty-five (25) successful programs that supplement the general education curriculum in the District.These programs total more than $20 million in supplemental funding. The programs include the following:

  • Title 1 – Academic Intervention Programs (AIS) for the at-risk student population
  • Title II A – School Improvement and Staff Development
  • Title III – ELL
  • Title III – Immigrant
  • Title IV - Student Support and Academic Enrichment

Other Grant Funding Programs include but are not limited to: Universal Pre-Kindergarten Grant, Teacher Center Grant, Teachers of Tomorrow Grant, Refugee School Impact Grant, School Improvement Grants, Learning Technology Grant, McKinney-Vento Grant, VTEA-Perkins Grant, Bilingual Education Grant, IDEA Section 611 & 619 Grants, My Brother’s Keeper Challenge Grant, Grants stemming from the impact of COVID-19, NYS Seal of Biliteracy, and Impact Aid.



Chief Accountability Officer
(315) 792-2215
(315) 792-2209 [fax]

Gianna Iacone
Secretary to the Chief Accountability Officer
(315) 792-2215

Mandy Mroz
(315) 368-6031

Vanessa Rejrat
District AIS Facilitator
(315) 368-6021

Sharon Eghigian
District ENL Facilitator
(315) 368-6819

Ed Simpson
Administrator of Student Registration
(315) 368-6961
(315) 624-9322 [fax]

Erica Irby
Secretary to the Administrator of Student Registration
(315) 368-6960

Trina Falchi
Administrator of Pupil/Student Services
(315) 368-6028
(315) 792-2288 [fax]

Mike Brigano
Superintendent Hearing Officer
(315) 792-2215
(315) 792-2209 [fax]