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Press Release: Utica CSD CTE Business Pathways Promoted

Utica CSD CTE Business Pathways Promoted

by WCNY PBS Innovate to Educate

November 21, 2023- WCNY’s Innovate to Educate podcast series will include teachers and students on an episode to highlight current CTE programs and District development of additional programs in the new addition of Proctor High School by the fall of 2025.

WCNY was launched in 1965 and chartered by the New York State Department of Education as the Public Broadcasting Council of Central New York. WCNY has dramatically expanded its services throughout 19 counties over the past 50 years. Education is embedded in WCNY’s foundation and critical to the fulfillment of its mission to introduce young adults to careers and the 21st century business world – “the real game of life”- with WCNY’s Enterprise America and Media Marketing Communications Career and Technical Education programs.

The Utica City School District has offered CTE business programs to high school students ranging from grades 9-12 for the last several years. The business department chair, Carly Calogero, is working closely with teachers, local industry, higher education, parents, and students to revamp CTE business programs in the District to align with local labor market needs. Starting the fall of 2024, students will have access to choose from the following CTE programs: Data Intelligence, Computer Applications Programming, Entrepreneurship Zone Academy, and Business Finance. Articulation agreements with Mohawk Valley Community College will allow students to begin earning dual credit in 9th grade at no cost to them or the District.  

CTE business teachers, James Raymer and Elisha Abbe, will be featured on the November 21st Innovate to Educate podcast episode. They will be joined by two Utica CSD students from the Future Business Leaders of America club, President Eh Tha Yu Paw and Secretary Arren Tamong.  Host Dr. Jody Manning will speak with them about the exciting opportunities gained in CTE programs and how the content and skills students gain will prepare them to be successfully employable post-graduation. The Utica CTE Innovate to Educate episode will be aired at different times on WCNY FM throughout December and the podcast will remain on the WCNY homepage for the public to access.

About Career and Technical Education in the Utica City School District

The Utica CSD will follow a systematic approach to CTE that creates vertical alignment, starting with career awareness and exploration for grades K-8 beginning fall of 2023. The following year, middle school teachers will implement CTE modules that represent 16 national career clusters as a way to introduce students to the CTE pathways that will be available to them in high school.

Early exposure to career readiness initiatives includes options to earn college credit and prepare students with skills that support workforce development in the Mohawk Valley. As a result of the work being done district-wide to create career readiness opportunities for students, the Utica CSD anticipates an increase in student engagement and performance for all students in the District.

About the Utica City School District

The Utica City School District is a public school district serving approximately 9,700 students, committed to providing high-quality educational opportunities for all students, ensuring they are well prepared for college, career and life.