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Blue Ribbon Task Force

The Utica City School District is in the process of designing Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathways, creating a local pipeline of workforce talent that can meet the needs of industry. To determine what CTE pathways will be offered in the District, we are asking local stakeholders to participate in a Blue Ribbon Task Force study. Our goal is to include representation from all stakeholders including: business and industry, college partners, community members, legislative members, NYSED, OHM BOCES, component districts, parents, Utica CSD employees and students. The kickoff for the Blue Ribbon Task Force begins in June. An independent consultant, the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) will be leading the study while gathering feedback from our partners. 

Our belief that workforce development begins well before a student graduates from high school and our commitment to closing the gap between education and industry, is the mission of the Blue Ribbon Task Force. We look forward to future partnerships that will assist us as we become disruptors of education through a reformative approach to teaching and learning in the District. 

Blue Ribbon Task Force Reconvening Presentation - November 2023

View our Blue Ribbon Task Force participants below!

Erica Schoff
Director of CTE

Michelle Hall
CTE Administrator of Curriculum & Academics

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